Lisa has been helping me with all the graphic design I need for my yoga studio, from logo to flyers to business cards and signs. Lisa is great to work with for a few reasons: first, she's very passionate about creating.  She listens to my needs and ideas and then sends me a few early-stage choices so I can use her time more effectively by choosing the path I want her to pursue.  She is not offended or upset when I want to change things, and that leads to the perfect creations. Second, she always has things to me when she says she will - she's punctual and reliable, and she follows up on things when I forget, which is maybe the most helpful part of working with her sometimes.  Third, she's really positive. I love working with people who are positive and hopeful without losing touch with reality, and Lisa offers that point of view.  It's so pleasant to work with someone who is happy and positive!

Lisa has been doing graphic design work for Inspiring Capital since Fall 2014 and has produced some key marketing materials for us including sales presentations, corporate one-page information sheets, and an ad that recently printed in Newsweek magazine.  

Lisa is wonderful to work with - she is expedient, imaginative, open-minded, and collaborative.  She transferred our ideas into visual designs, including us in the iterations of the design process.  We are delighted to be working with Lisa, and her design help has been incredibly helpful as we focus our marketing efforts to reach our target clients.  We would recommend her to anyone in need of any type of graphics or design.


Lisa contacted me immediately. She asked the right questions and helped me brainstorm ideas. She was able to create my vision and do so in a timely, professional manner. I highly recommend Lisa for any graphic design projects. I thoroughly enjoyed the process.




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